Discover how to license your music to film/TV and ads and make a living doing what you love!


Learn the skills and make the connections to get your music licensed by companies like...

These are just a few of the actual placements students of 6 Figure Songwriting have received after completing the program!

You have a passion for music...

You feel like time stands still when you're songwriting and performing. You’re thirsty for more fulfillment and you’d love to make a living being an artist.

You're ready to make music your career...

You've had unfulfilling job after unfulfilling job, making ends meet while deep inside you know you were made for more. You're restless and unsatisfied while you wait for the big break you fear may never come.

Music Licensing is the big break you've been waiting for.

Getting your music into film, tv, and ads is the little-known way successful musicians are making living and making a name for themselves in the incredibly competitive music industry. 



" Where do I even start… I don’t have an agent or manager or publicist… I probably can’t do it on my own."

"I don’t have a big following on social media or Spotify… no one would even be interested in licensing music from me."

"It’s too hard to get the attention of music supervisors… they get so many emails and would never listen to my music."


I've been where you are, and I know what it takes to make it in the music industry.

Hi, I'm Cathy Heller and in 2007, after being dropped from 2 major record deals, I read a Billboard article about indie artists licensing their music. It was always my goal to use my voice and music to impact the world, but I’d never thought about doing it in this way.

And then, it became so clear. What better way to use my talents and gifts than to serve the world and other people needs through using my music to help tell beautiful stories. I knew the success wouldn’t come over night and that I would have to commit. So that’s what I did.

A few years in, I started making multi-6 figures through licensing my music. Now, 12 years later, I have seen how so many other doors have opened for me because of that success. It is so important to find your way in, instead of giving up.

I've built a successful career in music licensing and taught hundreds of musicians to do the same. Now, it's YOUR turn. 

Doors are open for Six Figure Songwriting!









A 6-Month Online LIVE Mentorship and Coaching Program that will take you through the step-by-step process of creating and pitching great songs that are perfect for ads, TV, & film.


  • High Level Premium Coaching with Cathy Heller: Every month Cathy herself will be here for a live coaching session to help you tease out anything blocking your success. Cathy is known for helping our participants to have a breakthrough that is life changing.
  • Meet the Gatekeepers: Throughout the program you will have multiple opportunities to hop on live video calls with music supervisors and ad agency executives. This will be a chance to hear directly what their needs are and listen to feedback on selections from the class.
  • Weekly Feedback/Listening sessions with the agents at Catch the Moon: to help guide you and your music in the right direction and make sure you are staying on track with writing amazing, targeted, licensable songs for your EP.
  • Access to real world searches: to give you a taste of what is being asked for by music supervisors RIGHT NOW and to help inspire the songs you will be creating for your EP throughout the program.
  • A Private Facebook Group: An incredible community to foster relationships with like minded, hard working talented artists. Finding co-writers, producers, agents and life long friends. Facebook live sessions with your mentors, feedback on your songs, Accountability, Office hours for Q and A, meet co-writers, producers, and other like-minded artists.
  • Weekly Q&A with the Catch the Moon Team: One of the best music licensing agencies in Los Angeles representing indie artists.
  • Accountability and Check-ins: You’ll be be a part of a peer-led accountability groups. 
  • Monthly curriculum: in video to expand your knowledge on the writing for sync. Topics include: Sync Licensing Overview, Songwriting, Production, Publishing & Clearance, and Outreach & Pitching

"This course has been life-changing. I’ve never been more focused and clear on my goals. Through the mentorship program, I have now developed a system of resources (producers, composers) that allows me to consistently crank out new material at industry standard. CTM community group allows me to be surrounded by example after example of success and remain patient for placements while I continue to build my catalog of music and database of contacts. I no longer feel like I’m throwing darts on the wall with my music career. I move calculated and execute effortlessly. I remember the first time I heard Cathy share her story on a webinar … I was sitting at work fighting back tears because I could relate to her story / struggles and how she overcame on her own. Now I’m more empowered than ever to take the sync world by storm...I am forever grateful. "

Tamara Bubble

"Since taking this course, I have had music placed on The Young and The Restless on CBS, Blood Money on History Channel, Vegas Rat Rods on Discovery Channel, Wives with Knives Discovery ID, NOVA Wonders on PBS, ATL Homicides on TV One, and Aerial America on The Smithsonian Channel, among others. They have been working hard to pitch my music...and I am forever grateful for the dedication to my career. But not only are they reaching out for me, they have also taught me how to reach out and make connections myself to music supervisors and other licensing agencies. I want to say "thank you" to Cathy Heller and everyone and Catch The Moon Music for giving a me chance, believing in my music enough to sign my songs and for putting those songs in front of people who make the decisions that can change my life. If you are on the fence about taking [this course] with Catch The Moon Music, let me gently nudge you over or knock you to the ground or whatever it takes to get you on the right side of the fence. It is worth it, I promise!"

John Martin Keith

"My gratitude for this course is immense! Thank you all so much for the generous knowledge you have shared with all of us. Taking this course has been an amazing journey! Since signing up for 6FS, I have been writing great new songs, doing cowrites, I got a home studio and have been tracking vocals at home. I have made great new relationships, and am working with a few different producers. I also signed a a song from my back catalogue to a publishing company. Also the emotional support and inspiration from Cathy's calls has been priceless. These are just some of the takeaways! 😊🙏❤️I feel this is just the beginning..."

Liz Painter

"You guys have brought back that want and belief again in me. You've detonated "Be resourceful" in my well being in all of thinking. Taking action, like a lot of people we find the "ill do it tomorrow" button and next thing you know its been 6 months. So being mindful in our thinking process which leads to being resourceful in creating my action in doing is what ill be taking away from this program. When watching each session of Cathy and John each week really does amplify the trusting and believing that I can do this. So Thank you Catch the Moon team, each and every one of you.....Thank you!"

Chris Buchanan

"6-Figure Songwriting. What a good course! Cathy Heller and associates opened my eyes to the world of music sync. I feel like a very different person now than when I first started. This course made me get out of my comfort zone, think outside of the box, put more energy into doing what I love, learn to collaborate, take defeat and rejection as stepping stones to something greater, and meet and make wonderful new friends. The course is very challenging for me with a day job, but it's so much fun writing songs and producing music with definite goals to strive for. Highly recommended!"

Quoc Le

 What we'll be covering...

  • Music as a hobby vs. a business

  • Research - know your audience

  • Ear Training

  • Songwriting: lyrics and melodies that work

  • Co-writes: how to make the most out of co-writes

  • Song Structure

  • Toplines
  • Production

  • Mix & Master

  • Branding

  • Legal

  • Networking

  • Pitching

  • ...and more!


How to know if you're a good fit for SIX FIGURE SONGWRITING

Music is your side-gig. It might be your passion, but music's not paying your bills yet. 

You know the basics of music. You know the basics, and you're hungry to know more. This program isn't Music 101, so you'll need some foundational knowledge to make the most out of this program.

You're comfortable using the internet. This class takes place entirely on internet platforms like Teachable, Facebook, and Zoom. You certainly don't need to be an expert, but you'll need to have a basic comfort level navigating the web.

You're done wasting time. This class will push you towards your goals from day #1. You're done wasting time and not taking action.

You're ready to work for what you want. This program takes time and committment. You're ready to show up and do the work to see big results.


You've questions. We've got answers.

When does the program start and finish?
The program begins in February and ends in August.
I am just starting out, and my music library isn't ready to be pitched yet. Should I wait to take this course?
No! We give you the first three months to work on songs and then the second three months to pitch! Yes you’ll have music supervisor sessions the first three months but you don’t have to turn in songs if you don’t want to, that’s the time to focus on honing your craft. It's so important to work on your songwriting with the feedback of experts like us because otherwise people practice doing things that aren’t quite right. Originally the whole reason I created this program was just to teach people how to write better songs that work for licensing, then I added the whole piece of pitching to the class later. This class is really a place to better your craft and it also helps you learn how to land the licenses but that’s an extra feature! 
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the private Facebook community for 6-months, but you'll have lifetime access to the materials in your course portal.
I work full-time, have family committments, and other demands on my time. How much time do I need to be successful in this course?
We created this course with busy schedules in mind. You'll be able to spend just a few hours a week in the course, and even take breaks if you need to. 
What if I can't make the live calls because of work or other commitments?
We do our best to schedule calls at alternating times to meet the needs of our students. We always post the replays for you to watch on your own time, and provide opportunity for you to post questions beforehand.
Do you offer refunds?
We offer conditional refunds within the first 14 days. You will need to contact us at [email protected] within the first 14 days and show us that you have completed all of the assignments until that point. If you have completed all of the assignments, put in the time, gave it your best try, and are still not happy, we will send you a full refund.
Is this a membership or subscription program?
No. This is one program, 6-month program with 3 payment options. There will be no opportunity to cancel your payments after the first 14-days.
...more questions? We're here for you! Email our team at [email protected], and we'll answer any questions you might have.

SIX FIGURE SONGWRITING is a 6-month program for passionate musicians ready to earn a real income licensing their music.

This LIVE Mentorship and Coaching Program will take you through the step-by-step process of creating and pitching great songs that are perfect for ads, TV, & film.


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