.masters at making music for picture and making the business part a pleasure.

Catch the Moon Music, LLC is a Los Angeles based boutique music placement and music licensing company.


We are earnestly in pursuit of providing choiced and hand-picked music for the creatives in advertising, film and television, in a personalized approach. We specialize in building relationships with the artists we represent and the music supervisors and ad agencies worldwide we are in touch with.Our communication is tailor-made for each precise project according to its specification and cost. It is our mission to forge meaningful connections between artists and creative teams by delivering just the right selection of songs for the right theme and purpose-- at a fast and effortless clearing process.


Cathy Heller is the go-to artist when it comes to licensing music. She’s been written about in Variety, Billboard, the LA Weekly, USA Today, The Forward and more. Every artist wants to make a great living making music but most haven’t figured out how. For years Cathy has been blazing a new trail in the music industry, pitching her own music and now she’s helping other artists do the same!

She started her own licensing company, Catch The Moon Music in order to offer the same enthusiasm and personalized hustle to other artist's music that she gives to her own. She is very much a people person and the relationships she has created in the ad agency world and with the music supervisors is second to none. She is a caring, hard working person. Having great music and being easy to work with has been a winning combination for her.

Now in addition to her own licensing success, she’s helping other indie artists create a thriving career. What does it take to place a song in a national ad? How does an artist break through the noise? Cathy has figured out the secrets to licensing music and she’s sharing it with others.


Sonnet Simmons is an artist with her own licensing successes. She finds it truly rewarding to help other indie artists gain exposure and make a living doing what they love by licensing their music. 


Sonnet is VP of Catch the Moon Music and award winning singer and songwriter. As VP of Catch the Moon Music, Sonnet finds great joy in helping other indie artists find homes for their songs in TV, Film, and Ads and make a living doing what they love. Between pitching to music supervisors, running the songwriting online course, writing and performing her own music, Sonnet has a well rounded view of the music industry from all angles and is passionate about sharing the different aspects with her students around the world.

Sonnet was a top contestant on ABC Rising Star with Josh Groban, Kesha and Ludacris. Her own song placements include ad campaigns for Coca Cola, Overstock.com, Lee Jeans and more. A graduate from UCLA in Music, studying Opera, Jazz, and Pop. Most recently, Sonnet has been seen and heard singing at the Hollywood Bowl and Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall with Kamasi Washington and Miles Mosley.

Sonnet lives in LA with her husband and a baby girl on the way. :) 


What are the fees? We are happy to work with your budget. We make music for a living and feel grateful for that.

Where are you from? I’ve lived in NY, BOSTON, Tallahassee, Jerusalem, NYC and LA… In that order.

What’s your Starbucks order? Ice decaf grande 2 pump vanilla latte.

Ocean or Forest? Forest.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A great mom, a great wife, the best version of me, a good friend. A grateful, humble, kind person.

Can I send you music to listen to? We don’t listen to unsolicited submissions, but we offer programs throughout the year for artists to work with us and get feedback.

How do I get a song licensed? Work hard, keep creating music, be polite and persistent and listen to what’s being used.


And now a word from Shel Silverstein. Thanks to my lovely sister for introducing me to this poem and framing it for me.