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SYNCKEEPERS - February 6-7
Harmony Gold Theater, Los Angeles

Catch the Moon Music presents a two-day live event in Los Angeles for songwriters, producers, singers, and artists focused on success in licensing their music. This is your chance to absorb inspiration and insight to advance your career. There will be incredible industry experts sharing tools and strategies as well as opportunities to have your music heard by some of the top music supervisors in the business. 



Early bird pricing expires on September 30!










Past speakers have included...

Stephan Pine, Manager, Disney ABC Television Group

Satya Fuentes, Music Coordinator (Film & Television) at Universal Pictures and Universal Music Publishing Group

Jess Gramuglia, Music Supervisor at Condé Nast

Scott Velasquez, Director of Music Supervision at Music Supervisors, Inc.

Rueben Sears, SVP of Trailers and Promo at Silo Music

Shelby Comstock Britton, Founder & Creative Director at Rainhouse

Mike Boris - Founder, Jade Melody

Brett Byrd - Licensing and Publishing Representative, CD Baby

Julian Drucker - Music Coordinator, Yay Team Inc.


and more movers and shakers in the music industry! 

"The conference over delivers on value. In the short time we have been a part of the CTM family we have two songs signed with CTM, a placement, and have met industry professionals. Not to mention the value of being with an amazing group of people or the production skills increasing by 100X as a result of meeting production experts in this group."

Amber & Aaron

"It was the most inspiring music seminar I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many over the years. The love and positive energy of hope and determination radiated so bright in that theatre!! I feel so blessed to have found this community. I learned so much about music, about sync, and about determination and positivity. My life has been forever changed. Cathy and her team lit a fire under us all. "

Yvette Rovira

"It's not about how much talent you have. It's how you choose to use it. The most successful people work hard, persevere and refuse to give up AND, they also are willing to take the feedback so many artists refuse to hear. I also learned what genuine and down to earth people are part of the Catch the Moon team and am truly thankful that I am on this journey. "


"After 2 days at Synckeepers, I feel the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. I've never felt more encouraged, or been surrounded by such KINDNESS from people in the music business. "


About Cathy Heller

Cathy is the go to girl for all things music licensing. If you asked a music supervisor to name the indie artist they think has most cracked the code on how to be successful in this world, her name would be first to come to mind. She's famous for having hand crafted a career as a songwriter, starting her own licensing agency and helping other artists as well as herself to get their songs on TV. Her music has been featured in ads for McDonalds, Walmart, Kellogs and many TV shows, films and even a few theme songs. Her journey has been documented with full page magazine spreads like Variety, Billboard and the LA Weekly to name a few. She has spoken on the DIY hustle and how to reverse engineer your dream job at countless places such as UCLA, the Grammy Museum, Billboard Film/TV conference, ASCAP Expo, Berklee School of music and more.

Cathy hosts one of the top 20 podcasts, "Don't Keep Your Day Job". She's helping people everywhere figure out how to find more purpose, doing what their most passionate about full time. When she's not teaching or podcasting, Cathy is still songwriting. Most recently she wrote the main title theme song to a Netflix show, "Llama Llama", starring Jennifer Garner. In her free time she’s busy playing dress up with her little girls (6 and 4 and 1 years).


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