5 Big Myths

May 07, 2019
5 Big Myths About Making Money As An Artist

Let's talk about the 5 Big Myths about making money as an artist or musician. You know the lies that we're all told by our parents, friend, teachers, and neighbors.

Posted by Catch The Moon Music on Monday, May 6, 2019

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Ok, let’s talk about the 5 Big Myths about making money in music. These are myths that we continually debunk over at Catch the Moon Music. 

Myth #1: You have to be famous or have a huge following to make money in music.

Not true! Yes, a big following can help you for streams, sales, merchandise and concerts. But there’s other great ways of making money in music also.

Ever hear of music licensing? That’s what we teach our students in our 6 Figure Songwriting class. It’s where you license your song to a TV show, movie, or advertisement, and get PAID to for it. When you know how to make music that works well for licensing you end up boosting your chances of getting it licensed. In our class, we love teaching you all kinds of cool tricks and techniques to help you become successful in this.

But even if you don’t go the route of music licensing, many artists these days make a living with a small active fan base. These artists understand the power of serving their audience with the music they make and the merchandise they sell. And they often have wild success touring the country and playing small gigs in living rooms, coffee shops, or college campuses.

Do they have an enormous fan base? No. But do they make a living doing what they love most (music)? Yes!

Myth #2: You must go to a music school to make money in music.

Sorry, but no. In fact, a lot of successful artists never had any formal training at all. And in some ways, this has helped them think more creatively.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with formal training. Sometimes this can give you a leg up in understanding chord progressions, lyric writing, and instrumentation. And of course, there are some areas of music that would absolutely require this, ie. concert pianists.

But many songwriters and music artists draw their creativity from their experiences and just playing around on instruments. So many great songs and music have come from happy accidents and jam sessions!

I’m convinced that you only really get good at something when you love it. And if you love making music then you’re already set up for success.

Myth #3: You need to have expensive equipment to make money in music.

But do you? Every day new artists are proving this myth false with their laptop beats, inexpensive microphones, and creative new approaches. You’d be surprised by the number of famous producers who are creating their songs using a laptop and a cheap DAW.

But what about instruments and mics? Sure, they matter to some degree. But think about how many beat up guitars and pianos are made to sing. Remember, performance (whether vocals or instruments) always trumps an expensive recording. Because it’s in the performance that our hearts connect. We feel the emotion of a singer through how they perform it, much more than how transparent the recording was.

Ultimately, it does help to have great gear and a producer that really knows how to get the best out of your performance. But that’s really where knowledge is power.

I am a living testimony to this. I am making music that is getting licensed to tv and ads using my own equipment, software, and virtual instruments, all from my my laptop. At home, mind you. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight, it took time and energy. It took watching lots of youtube videos and trial and error. But I can look you in the eye now and tell you it’s possible.

Myth #4: You must look a certain way to make money in music.

I’m so glad this is dead wrong. Cause otherwise I’d be screwed. Ha! I bet you already know this isn’t true. There are so many people that have blown this idea out of the water, it’s crazy.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, race, nationality, gender, sexuality, etc. If you have a song to give to the world, then it’s your obligation to give it! And if you’re letting this reason hold you back than please stop.

Yes, there are always going to be MTV teen stars making the charts. There’s always going to be place for fashion and looks in music. But the music world is vast, with a lot of room to express yourself. The world is dying for songs that connect to the heart, that lift you up, that convey feelings often too difficult to express through mere words.

 And fortunately, the record labels don’t own that.

Myth #5: It's impossible nowadays to make money in music.

Wrong again. This is actually the best time in history for music artists to make a living doing what they love.

It’s happening all the time. Even in the streaming world. There are small artists right now that are making a full living through just streaming on Spotify and Pandora. Youtube has blown the doors open for emerging talent. Many great artists are finding their voice and making money at it because they’re utilizing and harnessing the power of social media with their craft.

The world has 7 Billion people in it. And there’s not a place on earth that doesn’t have audio. And we have these cash registers in our pockets called cell phones that can make us money through a myriad of creative ways.

The only real limitation to how we make money is our mental roadblocks and lack of knowledge. There’s a world of people who would easily give a few bucks to feel moved, motivated, encouraged, or listened through your gift of music.

It’s time to get creative, stop making excuses, and take your turn at bat.

The world needs to hear your music. The world needs more of what only you can give.

With love,

xxx -- Zion
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